About Us

Our focus at Flake Law is on complex business disputes — how to assess them most accurately, how to manage them most efficiently, and how to win them most effectively, by delivering the solution that fits each client’s objectives.

The Flake Law Firm reflects founder Andrew Flake’s strong professional ethic and vision of an organization singularly focused on creative problem-solving and world-class advocacy. Recognized by “Best Law Firms” as a Tier 1 Firm in the area of commercial litigation, our approach is to be trial-ready from the beginning, finding the compelling story in every dispute, and giving each client a professional and powerful voice in the courtroom. We work hard and deliver results, staying laser focused on winning, as defined by our client, whether resolving a difficult matter quickly and before it escalates, or getting a matter to trial and delivering a verdict. 

Andrew Flake

For two decades, Andrew Flake has been the trial lawyer, advocate and strategist of choice for sophisticated companies of all sizes who find themselves in business disputes, and for counsel from around the country who need a trusted Georgia co-counsel. As passionate about his work as ever, in 2021, after twenty-two rewarding years as a litigator and partner at Atlanta-based Arnall Golden Gregory LLP, a member of the AmLaw 200, Andrew Flake felt called to found The Flake Law Firm, as a best-in-class litigation and dispute resolution boutique.

What Clients and Counsel Say

An approach to staffing and billing that works for you.

State of the art technology, careful attention to the client’s objectives, and data-driven budgeting allow The Flake Law Firm to make litigation a cost-effective experience for every client. We staff with an eye to efficiency and a target-lock on winning.

Our billing is aligned with you, our client. While we do offer hourly billing, we also offer a variety of other fee arrangements, depending on the particular needs of each matter, including contingency, fixed and subscription fee, success-based fees, and other specialized arrangements. In all cases, we hold ourselves accountable, to our client’s needs and our own high standards, with regular, transparent, and technology-enabled financial reporting on matters.

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