Business Litigation and Trial

We focus on the resolution of complex business disputes, with extensive experience in high stakes and bet-the-company litigation in areas including technology, employment, intellectual property, real estate, international, and general corporate matters. We are experienced in trying cases to both judge and juries, and we prepare every case from the beginning with trial in mind. Andrew Flake is frequently called upon by other lawyers and co-counsel to assist in cases that need to be quickly and efficiently prepared for trial, and then successfully tried. However close to trial the matter is, and even when it looks like the chips are down, we relish the opportunity to step in, bringing energy, fresh perspective, and consummate advocacy to help gain and keep winning momentum.


Whether protecting a ruling below or challenging one, clients often want a fresh look and approach on appeal, and The Flake Law Firm is experienced in handling appellate matters at the state and federal level. We work closely with trial counsel and the client to creatively evaluate appellate possibilities, looking with a trained eye at the record, assessing the strength of the client’s position, and delivering timely and well-crafted briefing. When oral argument is appropriate, we assist in its preparation and deliver with professional, polished and effective oral advocacy.

Crisis Management

The Flake Law Firm is experienced in managing high-profile and high visibility cases, working with the client on media and communications and helping to coordinate other professionals as necessary to thoroughly address a crisis. We are prepared to step in and set strategy for emergencies and crises in which rapid and precise response is critical. That includes advising executive teams and boards, conducting a risk assessment,leading internal investigation, and working with internal communications resources to ensure proactive and effective public messaging.

Mediation and Arbitration

Andrew Flake is a certified neutral with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution and a trained mediator, including in the field of Early Dispute Resolution (EDR). As a mediator, Andrew Flake brings decades of commercial dispute resolution experience, along with tenacity and creative problem-solving, to help parties and their lawyers resolve their disputes. He is available to mediate business disputes, including in the commercial, employment, healthcare, real estate, and technology sectors, from business divorces to contract disputes to more complex IP matters.

As an arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association’s Commercial, Employment, Healthcare, and Large Complex Case (LCC) Panels, Andrew focuses on prompt, efficient, and well-run proceedings that get disputes decided quickly and correctly. He is available to serve as arbitrator in both ad hoc and administered arbitrations.

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International and Cross-Border

The Flake Law Firm handles a range of cross-border disputes. Long involved with international business, Andrew Flake is a German speaker with an L.L.M. in international and comparative law. He is experienced in handling the specialized issues that arise when disputing parties are from different countries, regularly representing international businesses and their subsidiaries in cross-border disputes in state and federal courts, in arbitral forums. In those cases, he frequently works closely with his clients’ foreign counsel, who also call on him to assist in their document-gathering and discovery efforts in the United States. Clients also appreciate his sensitivity to their specific cultural needs and understanding of the differences and nuances in their legal systems.

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