An approach to staffing and billing that works for you.

State of the art technology, careful attention to the client’s objectives, and flexibility in budgeting allow The Flake Law Firm to make litigation a cost-effective experience for every client. We staff with an eye to efficiency and a target-lock on winning.

Our billing is aligned with you, our client. We do not believe the model of a constantly escalating billable rate is the best for client or lawyer, nor that simply looking at a rate is the way to choose a lawyer. While we do offer hourly billing, we also offer a variety of other fee arrangements, depending on the particular needs of each matter, including contingency, fixed and subscription fee, success-based fees, and other specialized arrangements. Where the client does prefer hourly billing, our lean staffing and best-in-class technology permits us to deliver the most value through transparent and reasonable fees that fit the client’s objectives and align the client and the firm. In all cases, we hold ourselves accountable, to our client’s needs and our own high standards, with regular, transparent, and technology-enabled financial reporting on matters.  

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